Peter Lambden


Samples of my work

Content for education

I specialise in writing content and making resources for Key Stage One children (aged 5 to 7). I run a shop on TES, which is a site that allows teachers to share resources they have made.

In Key Stage One, children are still learning to read, so a lot of thought and effort is put into choosing particular and structuring accessible sentences. I have an in-depth knowledge of the National Curriculum and of the various reading schemes designed to support the teaching of the curriculum, which I use to correctly tailor my writing.

Selling cycling

As part of a course, I was given a task to write some sales copy for a mode of transport. I chose cycling.

To be cycling is to be winning. In 2020, we’re beginning to realise the true value of things. The importance of being active. Our responsibility to look after our planet. The benefits of enjoying the simple things in our lives. Cycling can bring all this to you. For a fraction of the price of a car, and a fraction of the costs of its maintenance, you can be hitting your health goals and reducing your carbon footprint every single day. Government grants can help you to buy a bike in a way that suits you, including interest-free loans and payment instalments. There’s even a Fix Your Bike voucher scheme that gives a £50 grant to anybody needing repairs on their bike. What’s more, the growing network of safe cycle lanes across the country means that cycling can give you the freedom to enjoy your commute at your own pace. You’ll appreciate new things on your journey, free from the burden of traffic jams and road rage. Savour your own small piece of the world with every turn of the pedal.

Ignite Hubs

I work in a voluntary capacity for Ignite Hubs, a STEM club that is run in London (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths). In this role I collaborate in a small group to author online content and session plans for use by teachers and children in after-school STEM sessions. Our content leads children through various science and engineering activities while following a story based on original characters we created.

Other copywriting experience


ReWorks are an invention of mine, designed to get me writing and to help me practise writing effective content. Occasionally, I come across copy or content that I think could do with a bit of an improvement. When I do, I have a go at rewriting it myself.

I never mean to be so audacious as to suggest that there is anything wrong with the copy in the first place, or that mine is necessarily any better. I just find it a good way to practise and gain experience. I love writing and this exercise lets me write!

In school

A teacher's day-to-day work requires clear and concise writing. We write lesson plans, proposals, evaluations, assessments and more. Much of what we write is sensitive and can't be shared, but below are a few examples of what I write in school.

School science mission statement

I led one of my schools to complete the Primary Science Quality Mark. This is a mark to recognise excellent science in schools. The mission statement was the first step in achieving the mark.