Peter Lambden


Writing for Education

I specialise in writing content for children, for both education and entertainment purposes. As a primary school teacher with a number of years' experience, I've been able to test and adapt all of my content with a class of children.


I write mainly for children in Key Stage 1, who are in the main stages of learning to read. A lot of thought and effort needs putting into the choice of decodable words and structuring accessible sentences. I have a strong working knowledge of ths stages children go through when learning to read, which I use to correctly tailor my writing.

Below are some samples of my writing for Key Stage 1 children.


I run a store on TES, a site that allows teachers to share self-made resources. Click on the logo below to view my store.


I currently write in a voluntary capacity for Numberfit. Numberfit is a group of socially minded mathematicians, educators, designers, researchers and pop culture enthusiasts, passionate about sharing our knowledge and creating a fun environment for children to learn in. In this role I write scripts, songs and stories for children.

Ignite Hubs

I work in a voluntary capacity for Ignite Hubs, a STEM club that is run in London (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths). In this role I collaborate in a small group to author online content and session plans for use by teachers and children in after-school STEM sessions. Our content leads children through various science and engineering activities while following a story based on original characters we created.

In school

A teacher's day-to-day work requires clear and concise writing. We write lesson plans, proposals, evaluations, assessments and more. Much of what we write is sensitive and can't be shared, but below are a few examples of what I write in school.

School science mission statement

I led one of my schools to complete the Primary Science Quality Mark. This is a mark to recognise excellent science in schools. The mission statement was the first step in achieving the mark.