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Writing for Children

I specialise in writing for children, with experience in creating both fiction and non-fiction for all ages. Some examples of my writing can be found below. I also write original content for a couple of non-profit education organisations. See below for more information about these organisations and my role within them.

I've written numerous articles for the children's activity app, Hoop. Many can be read here.

I have ghostwritten on a number of projects, including short novels, picture books, information texts, apps and graphic novels.

I've written scripts, stories, songs and worksheets for Numberfit. Numberfit is a group of socially minded mathematicians, educators, designers, researchers and pop culture enthusiasts, passionate about sharing their knowledge and creating a fun environment for children to learn in.

I've created educational material, such as worksheets, for Ignite Hubs, an organisation that runs regular STEM workshops in London (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths). In this role I author content and session plans for use by teachers and children in after-school STEM sessions.

I write on a freelance basis for the educational publisher, CGP. I create worksheets, powerpoints, games and activities to fit the English National Curriculum.

I run a store showcasing my own resources on TES. This is a site that allows teachers to share self-made resources. Click to view my store.