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Writing for Children

I specialise in writing for children. I have experience writing both fiction and non-fiction, for all ages. Below are some samples of original content I have created. I also write original content for a couple of non-profit education organisations. See below for more information about these organisations and my role within them.


I write mainly for children in key stage one, who are in the early stages of learning to read. A lot of thought and effort goes into the choice of decodable words, and into structuring accessible sentences. I have a strong working knowledge of the stages children go through when learning to read, which I use to correctly tailor my writing to the audience.

Below are some samples of my writing for key stage one children.


I run a store on TES. This is a site that allows teachers to share self-made resources. Click to view my store.


I currently write in a voluntary capacity for Numberfit. Numberfit is a group of socially minded mathematicians, educators, designers, researchers and pop culture enthusiasts, passionate about sharing their knowledge and creating a fun environment for children to learn in. In this role I write scripts, songs and stories for children.

Ignite Hubs

I write in a voluntary capacity for Ignite Hubs, an organisation that run regular STEM workshops in London (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths). In this role I author content and session plans for use by teachers and children in after-school STEM sessions. Our content leads children through various science and engineering activities while following a story based on original characters.